Author Topic: Design your own tour (solo)!  (Read 6641 times)


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Design your own tour (solo)!
« on: October 09, 2007, 11:57:27 PM »
My tracklist would be this (i think i got most of good songs):

01. Wonderful Life
02. Wind It Up
03. Now That You Got It (Hybrid Mix)
04. Crash
05. Fluorescent
06. Serious
07. Bubble Pop Electric
08. U Started It
09. Interlude
10. Breakin' Up
11. Danger Zone
12. Hollaback Girl
13. Don't Get It Twisted
14. Harajuku Girls Interlude
15. Early Winter
16. Luxurious
17. Cool
18. Orange County Girl
19. 4 in the Morning
20. Factory Interlude
21. Yummy
22. Rich Girl
23. The Sweet Escape
24. What You Waiting For?

01. The intro is the same in the WL song, extended, then show Gwen in highs with a black dress all over the stage, then WL begins, she is on the hills (WIU video, but we can't see it yet) and behind the gates (again, WIU video). No dancers in this song.
02. The intro is like from HL tour, then the Harajuku Girls come inside the stage with the G key, open the gate and Gwen is with another costume, and begins to yodelay, and now we can see the hills (wiu video).
03. Nothing special, colorful stage (red, yellow, green especially).
04. a orange car come into the stage with the male dancers, and Crash begins.
05. Only the boys stays in the stage. Stage with a green fluorescent light during the chorus. Ending extended for outfit change.
06. Maybe a heart could appear behind Gwen when the song begins.
07. Nothing special, acoustic intro.
08. Extended intro while the stage is filled with bubbles all over. really collorful ilumination.
09-10. Some guitars (rock) interlude, then Gwen comes into the stage draggin' in the floor with a black coat outfit (and another outfit under this one).
11. Same instrumental from the HL tour, Gwen takes off the coat. Stage all red with sirens.
12. Same from TSE Tour.
13. Same from TSE Tour, but stage filled with lasers and smoke. Lights on the floor. Extended ending.
14. Harajuku Girls Instrumental Interlude, video on screen.
15. During all the song, something falling representating snow, maybe some Geisha Kimono and another clothes under it.
16. Nothing special, same as TSE Tour.
17. Take off Geisha Kimono, go to the crowd like in TSE tour.
18. Nothing special. Extended ending.
19. Dark stage, and dark city with turned on lights from apartments, ads..
20-21. Factory noises, for clothes change. The stage is like a factory, very collorful, with some big recipients filled with coloured water (red, green, pink, purple, blue). Gwen appear with a mini dress with legs out, white glooves.
22. Same from TSE Tour.
23. Same from TSE Tour, and in the end, Gwen says goodbye as if this was the last song.
24. Alice in Wonderland theme stage. Gwen dressed same as the TSE Tour with bunny ears.
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Re: Make your own tracklist (solo)!
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2007, 02:17:18 PM »
Man i'm gonna have to think about this lol
But I know my way to Greener Pastures


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Re: Make your own tracklist (solo)!
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2007, 09:02:29 PM »
Wow you really put thought into it...hmm...looks like I'll have something to do in pre-cal after all!


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Re: Make your own tracklist (solo)!
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2007, 06:43:38 PM »
haha there is no need to go so deeper as i did, only make a tracklist!


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Re: Make your own tracklist (solo)!
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2007, 08:26:06 PM »
my god, this is going to be hard, but its sucha good topic, i really need to think about this, so ill reply when ive thought more.


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Re: Design your own tour (solo)!
« Reply #5 on: October 17, 2007, 10:15:41 PM »
Do I really need to think about  ;D :D *thinks really hard*


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Re: Design your own tour (solo)!
« Reply #6 on: May 21, 2008, 12:52:44 AM »
I designed another one hehe! The first thing you'll notice is that we have 25 songs, but remember that 4 of them are used as intermissions only.

01. Candyland
02. Luxurious (Egyptian Cotton Mix)
03. Now That You Got It
04. Wonderful Life
05. Wind It Up
06. Fluorescent
07. Serious
08. Danger Zone
09. Breakin' Up
10. Orange County Girl
11. Hollaback Girl
12. Bubble Pop Electric
13. Don't Get It Twisted
14. Harajuku Girls  Intermission
15. 4 in the Morning
16. The Real Thing
17. Early Winter
18. Factory Noises  Intermission
19. Yummy
20. Rich Girl
21. The Sweet Escape
22. Cool Orchestral  Intermission
23. Cool
24. U Started It Intermission
25. What You Waiting For?

The intro is a extended version of 'Candyland', Gwen dressed as a cleopatra maybe would be cool, snake in the head, Harajuku Girls with similar clothes. Followed by a new remix of 'Luxurious', with a egyptian style, following the same style of the first song (and its the song that the bboys will come in stage), then, 'Now That You Got It', nothing special, same as the TSE Tour, but the ending with that jamaican vibe is extended, then Gwen goes off stage for clothing changes. 'Wonderful Life' with a extended intro, Gwen appears in those elevators that looks like big dresses, in a black one, in the green hills (but we can't see it, it's all black now). Purple and blue lights during all the song. 'Wind it Up' intro like the HLL Tour, but now Harajuku Girls goes into the stage holding the GKey and open the gate (like the Billboard performance), and Gwen begins to yodel and go down the hills. 'Fluorescent', all stage with green fluorescent lights. Nothing special with 'Serious', acapella ending with the background vocals! 'Danger Zone' Gwen wears a black long coat (with other clothes under it), red lights and sirens all over the stage, and the song goes into 'Breaking Up', where Gwen will ask everybody to jump. 'OC Girl' G takes off the long coat, after the song ending, there will be a break.

'Hollaback Girl' same from the TSE tour. 'BPE' the only special thing is a video in the screens filled with bubbles, and of course, bubbles all over the stage during all the song, nothing special for 'DGIT', the Harajuku Girls only dance during the begining of the song, then go out for trade their outfits for the next song. 'Harajuku Girls' it's a video intermission, where Gwens appears dressed as a Harajuku and as a Geisha too, Harajuku girls in stage during all the song, in the ending Gwen comes in the stage and sing a bit. Gwen with Geisha clothes now, then the HG song fades intro '4ITM' piano intro. Nothing special for 'The Real Thing'. During 'Early Winter', some pappers fall during some parts of the song, representating snow. 'Factory Noises' intermission, fade into 'Yummy' same as the TSE tour, with that Chest/Jail, but a bit bigger. Only a change in the outfit, now she's dressed like a Catwoman with the mask. 'Rich Girl' nothing special. Then 'The Sweet Escape', where the bboys cames from the jail. Gwen stays with the catwoman clothes, but takes off the mask. 'Orchestral Intro' a bit of the Cool video plays and Gwen trade her clothes to a simple one, then goes into the audience to sing 'Cool'. 'USI' is a video intermission where Gwen appears with her family, friends and cool moments, while she trade her clothes for the encore, and while the stage is prepared with some Alice in Wonderland stuff, then, 'What You Waiting For'.